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Bottling!! YES it’s happened at Andrews Farm!

Starting the bottled lineup

Entry Level  Australian Ale 5% abv

Its been a long held belief of mine that there is always a starting point in tasting a paddle/flight of beers as there is for abilities in the brewhouse. The name is just that – an Entry level into the craft beer brewing world for the brewery, brewer and their customers. This Ale is an easy approachable introductory pale example of an Australian Ale. A great Australian Entry – easy, any time of the year drinking, on the Level – Ale.                                Serve form bottle or glass. #entrylevel 

2Girls Amber Ale 4.5% abv

Geek stuff – 20 ebc = colour and 23 ibu = bitterness

Pale, CaraPils, Wheat, Cara Munich, rolled Barley malts using only Amarillo Hops throughout the boil and post ferment – dry hopping. This beer a delightfully easy sampling example any time of the year, very approachable for those new to #craftbeer and those already experiencing the love 🙂

Artwork by Catherine Hunter –


The Silesian GOSE 4.5% abv in the bottle. The only thing I can add to the story below is that the proprietary blend of yeasts used in this example will continue to develop character over time – if cared for (cellared) properly. Taste periodically for your level of character you enjoy most.


Publicans – In Keg as at 25/07/18

All in 50lt A type kegs

Multiple kegs of:

‘The Silesian’
Style : Gose
This ale is 4.9 % abv 27 ibu.
The Gose style is a historical beer that was made throughout Saxony and nearby regions for over 1,000 years until the early 1800s as the new Lager revolution began.
This beers name came from my time working in the Barossa Valley and its migrant rich history. The Seppelt family fled persecution from the Prussian Tsar to the region we now affectionately know as the Barossa Valley. Decisions were being made early, after arriving at their new home, as to the regions name – ‘New Silesia’ was one of many put forward – just a little local history for a great historical beer. This example flavoured with cracked coriander seeds, salt and fermentation with a blend of different yeast strains. Enjoy!
The Silesian in 330ml bottles now #thesilesian

Single kegs of the following.

Chinooooookie Express
Style : Amber Lager (geek alert – Californian Common )
4% abv 35ibu
This beer a collaboration with Keyneton Hops -Barossa Ranges S.A. using their magnificent locally grown Chinook Hops. Proprietor Anthony King looking to expand his bine coverage in the 2018-19 season to keep up with demand. Get in early folks – great local produce and when ready to harvest – go very quickly. When discussing how to best display the aromatic qualities of Chinook a lager yeast fermented at Ale temperatures selected. However, with using only Keyneton Chinook hops and California Lager yeast – the end result in a delicious – ‘ I’ll have another thanks’ awesome stone fruit flavoured example. I must disclose – Chinook hops – one of my favourites. #chinooooookieexpress

There are 1 kegs of Brothers Brett – however, they will be re-released later in approx 4 months giving the brothers time to continue developing their exquisite flavour profiles.
Brothers Brett
Style: Dark Belgian Ale
5.6% abv 29ibu

Brettanomyces Lambicus – This is a wild yeast strain isolated from Belgian lambic beers. It produces a pie cherry-like flavour and sourness along with distinct “Brett” character. A pellicle may form in bottles or casks. To produce the classic Belgian character, this strain works best in conjunction with other yeast and lactic bacteria. It generally requires 3-6 months of ageing to fully develop flavour characteristics.

This Wyeast strain is known by its old nomenclature, Brettanomyces lambicus, while rapid PCR analysis confirms that genetically it is Brettanomyces bruxellensis. This strain remains known as B. lambicus because of the name’s historical relevance and unique profile.

Brettanomyces Bruxellensis

This strain of wild yeast was isolated from brewery cultures in the Brussels region of Belgium. It produces the classic “sweaty horse blanket” character of indigenous beers such as gueuze, lambics and sour browns and may form a pellicle in bottles or casks. The strain is generally used in conjunction with S. cerevisiae, as well as other wild yeast and lactic bacteria. At least 3-6 months ageing is generally required for flavour to fully develop.


Guilty BaRD
Style : Robust Porter
5.6% abv 52 ibu
Peat Smoked Malt Choc Rye Robust Porter – this beer has had several names over the years Lindisfarne, For Peatsakes and now Guilty BaRD – ( BaRD – Beyond a Reasonable Doubt) – oh yes there’s definitely no doubt this is a Peat Smoked Choc Rye – very Robust Porter
#ABBF17 a Left Barrel Collab this recipe shared itself with some Smoked Cherrywood.

Land of the long White Manuka Milk Stout
Style : Imperial Milk Stout
7.5 % abv  71 ibu  98 ebc
A Collaboration with Gladfield Malts NZ see this example solely made with Gladfield malts and NZ hops.
While accessing /sampling Gladfield’s malt range an idea came to mind of a lightly smoked milk stout. The smoking process uses 100% NZ grown West Coast Manuka wood
From Gladfiled Malt website
How does it taste?
Overlaid with floral, sweet characteristic with natural Manuka smokiness.
What does it add to the beer?
Smooth, natural smokiness to the finished beer or whiskey.
This example is a little out of the beer category guidelines as for me this is an Imperial Stout – the abv ibu and colour range put this in the Imperial category but no category – This Imperial Milk Stout which obviously with your first olfactory assessments will be slight Manuka smoke aromas followed with the lengthy deploying flavour profile that will go on for an extended period. Getting the balance right on this intrinsic to it being worthy of your consideration and its association with Gladfield Malt.


Now in Keg
Tsars Tar
Style : Russian Imperial Stout
7.6 % abv 102 ebc 73ibu
This biggest of the Stout family styles here and for the ABBF18 on one of the beer engines (hand pump)
A classic style – its big, deep roasted malt flavour profiles are to be savoured. The naming of this beer just simply came from the history of its creation back in 1698.


Plausible Deniability
Style : (GeekAlert!) you decide though it is a Lager –
(Base Malt, Abyssinian Purple Wheat, Rye Malt – a little colour 25ebc)
5.3% abv  25 ebc  30ibu
Give Kale the flick! The worlds new super food Abyssinian Purple Wheat is here!

– we’re looking after your health with this beer!

I’m unaware of anyone else is using Abyssinian Purple wheat at #ABBF18 – enjoy this very healthy beverage peeps. “it behoves the brewer to assure all, that there is no conceivable alternative” –

(I just wanted to use the word ‘behoves’ – Thanks Cleaver Green! :-)) )

Lots of scientific info on Abyssinian Purple Wheat below for those interested.


10B Bock
Style : Dunkles Bock (Lager)  – Brace yourselves!
7.2% abv 45ebc 33ibu
This example made specifically for #ABBF18 – usually a standard Bock with lower abv in the 5% range but its a festival and there’s good diversity in the OBB range on offer so its been left as it ended – this yeast just kept giving – dropped 10 points lower than I had expected – so its yours to enjoy. The name 10B – can you say 10 words that start with B – Some of mine shouldn’t be written here 🙂 -over to you GO!


Amarilloed Armadillo
Style : APA (Geek Alert American Pale Ale)
5 % abv 18ebc 30 ibu The name haha just blurted one day joking around so that’s that! This is an Amber upgraded to the APA for #ABBF18 (because we’ve enough Ambers already going here :-)) that I’ve made for years – smashed with Amarillo hops. Wasn’t that interested in making APA IPA or IIPA figured there’d be plenty on offer (think someone’s called theirs Not another F…ing Pale Ale) but – yeah gave in.

Double EYEPA
Style : (hmm that’s a hard one) IIPA
8.9 % abv 30ebc
Yes I know said I wasn’t going to do it but gave in – for all the – HOPHEADZ –
one hundred and thirty four ibu by may calculations – why? Over (hop) stocked
Again another yeast that just kept giving – wasn’t planning on 9% take care guys when drinking this one, obviously should go without saying – but I will – it really is a very big beer.


Sinterklaus Kerstmis Bier
Style : Christmas Beer
6.6% abv 34ebc
The names probably not politically correct but I’m sure you’ve got the gist. Its July so yep Christmas in July.
The yeast used by the elves in this one will drive the dark fruit flavours through . Its been flavoured with Sultana’s, Figs, Dates, Cloves, Cinnamon, Mixed Peel, Vanilla pods and nutmeg – only the elves know what else has managed to get in there 😉
Get some beer in ya cake!

Wallonia’s 5 litres
Style : French Saison – (Farmhouse)
4.9 % abv 29 ibu
This Saison has been flavoured with some unique herbs and spices that truly reflect its heritage. A delightful refreshing example in every season.


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Cheers Mark