Fermenting Now

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‘Choice Paralisis’ – Flanders style – a red one ;J

‘Hugh’ Hefe Weizen – as it reads hopefully banana forward – cold maturation – keg

BOB‘ – Best of Barossa is “Syrah Rubra” (Latin meaning Shiraz Red) – Barossa Valley Craft Malt, Keyneton Hop Gardens hops, Shiraz, Grenache and Alicante Bouchet berries from Edenvale Estates, wet hops and brewed by @barossabrewer 😉 – cold maturation – keg

Abyssinian – Purple Wheat + Rye – still a lager but this time with a warmer fermentation. – cold maturation – keg

The Silesian – GOSE – cold maturation – kegged

Chinooooookie Express – Amber – Keyneton Valley Barossa Ranges Grown Chinook Hops – cold maturation – kegged

Wallonia’s 5 Litres – Farmhouse (French Saison) – kegged

Cumquated Saison – Farmhouse – kegged

Red Rye Saison – Farmhouse – Kegged

Entry Level – Cold Maturation – kegged

Sour Mashed – no name – assist? — PUCK eredup – Cold Maturation kegged

#AlisABSRACTale  – what is it – its totally abstract… its gonna be a Belgian lambic -sorta kinda thing.. lots of yeast strains in this one                                        Geek Alert!!
Most past best by couple mths
WLP 510 Bastogne Belgian
WLP 644 Sacc Brux Trios
WLP 693 Lacto Plantarum
Wyeast 3522 Begian Ardennes
Wyeast 5335 Lactobacillus 
48hrs of feeding these guys atm – 72hr at pitch.

AlisABSTRACTale – Ferment complete – into cold maturation