Planned Beer List

Apologies for the wiki links

I continually get asked ‘what beers are you going to make ?’

Well pretty much anything and everything – for the uninitiated – the easiest to appreciate through to that which will challenge the connoisseur – with some historical examples, lots of barrel fermented and aged beauties to.

Yep haven’t forgotten the hop heads I’ll put something together and throw buckets of humulus lupulus in.

This should keep me busy for a while 🙂

‘The Silesian’  – GOSE

‘Entry Level’  – Australian Ale

Seasonal releases –

‘Orientation, Gender and Style Neutral’ – Naturally Neutral Ale 

‘Syrah Rubra’  – Shiraz Red Ale

‘Two Girls’  – Amber Ale

‘Piskies Echo’ – Red Ale – with some Cornish heritage

‘Five litres’   –  French Saison

‘Hugh’  –  Hefeweizen

‘Vlaanderen’  –  Oud Bruin

‘Dry an Tart’   – Wallonian Saison Inspired –

‘Kalashnikolsch’ – Kölsch

‘Lindisfarne’   – Robust Porter

‘Tsar’s Tar’   – Russian Imperial Stout

‘Localised Wet Hopsalot’  – Seasonal hop harvest release

‘Hugh’ – Hefeweizen

‘Apricotted Hugh’  –  Apricot Hefeweizen

‘Smoked Cherrywood and Peat’   –  Really Robusted Porter  🙂


Historical releases

Herodotus   –  Gruit Ale

And goes without saying The Barrel Program — more to come as they fill


In reviewing – 🙂 as you do –  :-)) not an APA, IPA IIPA IIIPA or Barley Wine listed – there will be some but not made to convention or conform with standardised guidelines .