Planned Beer List

Apologies for the wiki links

I continually get asked ‘what beers are you going to make ?’

Well pretty much anything and everything –¬†for the¬†uninitiated – the easiest to appreciate through¬†to that which will challenge the connoisseur – with some historical examples, lots of barrel fermented and aged beauties¬†to.

Yep haven’t forgotten the hop heads I’ll put something together and throw buckets of humulus lupulus in.

This should keep me busy for a while ūüôā

‘The Silesian’¬† – GOSE¬†¬†

‘Entry Level’¬† – Australian Ale

Seasonal releases –

‘Orientation, Gender and Style Neutral’ –¬†Naturally Neutral Ale¬†

‘Syrah Rubra’¬† – Shiraz Red Ale

‘Two Girls’¬† – Amber Ale

‘Piskies Echo’¬†– Red Ale – with some Cornish heritage

‘Five litres’ ¬† –¬† French Saison¬†¬†¬†

‘Hugh’¬† –¬† Hefeweizen¬†¬†¬†¬†¬†

‘Vlaanderen’¬† –¬† Oud Bruin¬†¬†

‘Dry an Tart’ ¬† – Wallonian Saison¬†Inspired –

‘Kalashnikolsch’ –¬†K√∂lsch¬†

‘Lindisfarne’ ¬† – Robust Porter

‘Tsar’s Tar’ ¬† – Russian Imperial Stout

‘Localised Wet Hopsalot’¬† – Seasonal hop harvest release

‘Hugh’¬†– Hefeweizen

‘Apricotted Hugh’¬† –¬† Apricot Hefeweizen

‘Smoked Cherrywood and Peat’ ¬† –¬† Really Robusted Porter¬† ūüôā


Historical releases

Herodotus¬†¬† –¬† Gruit Ale¬†

And goes without saying The Barrel Program — more to come as they fill


In reviewing – ūüôā as you do –¬† :-)) not an APA, IPA IIPA IIIPA or Barley Wine listed – there will be some but not made to convention or conform with standardised guidelines .