Online Shop

Hi there and welcome to our online shop!

We are a nano sized brewery and everything we do here is by hand. We currently have 15 bottled products available and all cartons are the same price, with two exceptions. Manuka Smoked MIlk Stout 7.4% and SHUT UP Nathan - being a very big beer at 10% will need to be a tad more, the excise hurts 🙁

Were happy to do mixed cartons all for the same price, with again the exception of SHUT UP Nathan.

We also have some limited release coming soon.

In addition to paying online if you're local and wanting to collect from the brewery, you can also tap on square when collecting in our driveway.

Thanks for taking the time to visit and support us.

#keepinglocalalive The future of indie beer is in your hands #askforindiebeer #KeepingLocalAli